PyHiew: Transferring names between IDA Pro and Hiew

Last week I updated PyHiew to version 0.2.0 which adds the ability to manage names in Hiew (add local/global names and comments).

In this blog post I demonstrate how to use these facilities to transfer names between IDA Pro and Hiew.

Here’s a summary of the script logic:

  • A PyHiew script will act as a server
  • It will display an information dialog and setups up a server socket then wait for connections
  • An IDA Pro python script will act as a client to send the names from IDA to Hiew
  • Hiew receives and populates the names

Using the script

Load the IDA client script (pyhiew\3rd\ from the PyHiew package


A message box will show, do not close it until you proceed with Hiew


Now run Hiew and open the desired file and press F11 to toggle the HEM modules.
Select PyHiew and then the IDA-Names-Server script
The script will display a message window like this:


Depending on what you want to transfer you may press one of the function keys.

After selecting an option, Hiew will display a wait box. Now switch back to IDA and press OK to connect to Hiew and start the name transfer.

If the operation succeeds then the name count will be displayed:


In Hiew (Hex/Asm view) you may press F12 to display the name window:


That’s it! This script ships with PyHiew 0.2.1


About 0xeb

I am a programmer and reverse engineer. I like to write software utilities, designing APIs and reverse engineering interesting stuff.
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