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My presentation at REcon 2013 – Inside EMET 4.0

This year I presented “Inside EMET 4.0” @ REcon Montreal. Since I was heavily involved in EMET 3.5TP till EMET 4.0, I was in a position to explain its internals. The presentation explains how the mitigations work and how they … Continue reading

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PyHiew 0.3.0 with process memory editing

PyHiew 0.3.0 has been released with fsPlus integration. It is now possible to edit process memory directly from Hiew. How to edit process memory with Hiew – Press F9 to toggle Hiew HEM modules – Select PyHiew and then the … Continue reading

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PyHiew and PEiD

Many times I find myself viewing a file with Hiew and at the same time wondering what kind of packer is applied to the file. Normally, I would run PEiD in parallel and check the packer signatures there. For this … Continue reading

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Introducing PyHiew

PyHiew (open source project) is a Hiew external module (HEM) that allows users to write Python scripts that can interface with Hiew. It wraps most of the functionality present in the HEM SDK, thus allowing the users to programmatically access … Continue reading

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